There are an amazing array of maritime archives available to researchers - if you know where to look! 

You might also be interested in the Nautical Records at The National Archives Saturday 2nd March 2019.

The National Maritime Museum holds one of the largest single collections of original ship plans in the world: from merchant ships to war ships and 18th century sailing ships to WWII cruisers. All these wonderful and large documents are stored at Woolwich and the NMM curators have kindly agreed to show NAS members a selection of what is housed at their storage facility. And what’s even better – we have the opportunity to choose which plans we see!

At the National Maritime Museum’s Caird Library in Greenwich, there is a significant collection of books, archives and artefacts that can help answer researchers’ questions. The NMM librarians will show NAS members a few of the exceptionally rare historical resources in their collection and will also give tips on how to find information on your own area of research.

If you’re researching a particular vessel and would like to see its plans or related archives then book on this Heritage Event and let us know by email what archives you’d like to see. We’ll do our best to show you relevant items from the NMM collection!